Saturday, June 23, 2012

Well hello there.  Yes I haven't been able to write for awhile, but so many things have happened.  I did get to go down to Palm Desert.  It was a very interesting trip.  I opted to stay in the hotel room for most of it as it was way to hot for me.  I did have a lovely time and ended up just relaxing in bed or on the patio of our room. 
Me on my bed

One night on the patio

Chilling on the bench/ patio wall

Looking out at our "view"

Watching a movie on the couch. 

 I also started Irish Dance with Nellie and I absolutely love it. I don't have any pictures of that, as we arn't allowed to film or take pictures in class, but at my first feish, my mom plans on taking a picture of me.  Feish is a competition in the Irish Dance world. 
     So we're just hanging out here, now that summer is officially on.  Mom is the camp director of a summer camp at the local museum.  We're not going to go, as it might be a distraction to mom, and for most of the camps we are too old, plus there are too many of us.  I know this is really short, but I've got to run now.  My sisters want to play outside.  I promise to write more, and more often.  
See you soon, 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Well the week has just flown by.  I can't believe that just last week was my first weekend here!  Not much happened.  I did get signed up and attended my first Irish Dance Class, I'm working hard on my "One Two Threes".  Nellie is very kind and is showing me the ropes.  I do get to take class with mom, and have met some other nice kids my age.  That's what's so great about my school.  More on Irish Dance later on. 
      So mom and I went on some errands this weekend.  She's getting ready to go down south and visit family, and I think I'm going to.  She hasn't said as much yet, but I can kinda tell.  I don't think she wants the other girls finding out, you not to hurt anyone's feelings or anything.  Well anyway she stopped at Target to get a few things, and went into the clothes isle.  You see, I didn't really have any outfits to wear, and mom wanted to fix that.  We tried on a few, but finally settled on this one.  The best part is I can mix and match it, I love doing that.  It also fits my style.  I'm not real trendy or anything, but this is super cute and has a classic look to it.  Although some pieces might only be popular for a few years or so.  I don't care too much about that. I love this jacket by the way.  I have this thing for coats and hoodies, I love them and can't resist buying them.  I'm just like mom in that way.  She loves jackets as well, and half her closet is just jackets. :-0

Well that's it for this week.  Who'd have thought I would dedicate a whole blog post to clothes, in no way am I a clothes person.  Ah well maybe Carys' is rubbing off on me. She just got a new outfit too, and might have 2 more made just for her.  Anyway.
Until next time,

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Brand New Life

Well Hello Everyone,
     Welcome to my blog.  Please bare with me as I figure out this whole blogging world.  :-).  I'm techie, but not that techie quite yet. 
   Anyway I asked my mom if I could set up a blog and write about my life.  She agreed, since well, I would do most of the work, and Samantha has her own show.  (Although if you ask me she is a little stuck up, and her "show" which consists of one episode isn't that great.) 
     So I'm slowly settling in here to my new home.  Don't tell Samantha, but I'm sitting on her bed reading a book.  I started a new series of books, and I love it!!  Its a very small series called the Hunger Games.  I really want to see the movie, but I don't I will make new friends in time to go along with.  I really don't like going to movies by myself, although I hear plenty of people talk about going by themselves, I love the experience you get when you go with others. 
    Speaking of others all my new sisters seem nice.  I really haven't had a chance to talk to everyone yet.  Nellie was there to welcome me when I first arrived and gave me a big hug.  She is a very sweet girl and I know I'm going to like her. 

All the other girls are also great, yes even Samantha.  She has a big personality, but hey, you learn to live with her.  Which, by the way, is what everyone does.  :-).  I really like my cousin Carys. We have so much in common, even though she is from a different time period.  When we met she talked all about her life in Wales.  She used to like all the same tv shows that I did, especially Dr. Who and Merlin.  Well she did like them, until she time jumped back into the 1900.  I'm not as much a fashionista as she is.  I like to dress comfortably, but we have so much else in common, besides our birth parents, that it really doesn't matter.  I can't wait until we go out again! 
     Well that's about it, for my first few days or so.  Mom says she's signing me up for Irish Step Dance, since I love to dance. Nellie is excited and I guess I am as well.  Well next time then. 
Until we meet again,